Israel Builds New Wall Close South Region of West Bank

Israel’s Defense Ministry says it has completed a new barrier in the West Bank region. The wall was built up to 42 kilometers (km).

“This morning, the defense ministry installed the final concrete wall, completing the construction of a barrier starting from a village in Palestine, Tarkumia to the Israeli border crossing the Meitar settlement,” the defense ministry statement said, as quoted by AFP on Thursday, August 3, 2017.

The plan of the barrier will be built along 712 kilometers. The walls are made of concrete with barbed wire fences, trenches and covered military streets.

Based on the United Nations (UN) statement, although the construction of the barrier is being criticized, up to now about 214 kilometers of the wall has been built.

Israel argues that the construction of the barrier is very important for their security. Palestine actually sees it as an Israeli way of annexing the territories to be an independent Palestinian territory.

In an unlawful decision, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued a ruling in 2004 that the wall was illegal. Like the UN, the barrier built since 2002 is urged to be demolished.

Last March, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the trenches in the Tarkumia region to be closed. This is to prevent the increase of Palestinian attacks into Israeli territory.