The Punk Group’s Vocalist Denied US entry for Ever Tasting Donald Trump

Peter Bywaters, vocalist of punk rock group Peter and the Test Tube Babies, was denied entry to the United States for tricking Donald Trump.

Peter who is a British citizen will actually attend the event Punk Invansi Festival held in California. He was arrested by authorities after landing in San Francisco, and was immediately deported.

In 2016, Peter and the Test Tube runs the Presidential Tour. In the tour, Peter mimicked and mocked Trump.

Bywaters custom party story The United States has had a picture of her with clothes like Trump.

“I was only there for 30 seconds and then the customs and border security officers showed me a screen and said, ‘Is this you?'” Peter said.

“They showed a full performance from the show in Germany during the tour last year, when I was wearing clothes like Donald Trump and pretending to smoke marijuana. From there first. Six hours later I was forcibly escorted to my seat on the plane. ”

For six hours Peter was interrogated by customs and border security officials. Peter’s cell phone and passport were confiscated, then he scanned his fingerprints, taken DNA samples, photographed and forced to make a statement before being escorted to the plane for repatriation.